Hi to all at DYC marketing

we are Franz, Nadine and little Lion also know as @ourdays.de and we have created some very memorable moments on Dream Yacht Charter vessels since 2018 that we have all shared with you. Back then, we pitched a potential cooperation to Emily&Dan with THIS page here. Luckily we were able to catch their interest and got a leap of faith that this would be a win for DYC marketing. Fast forward, 5 years later, we are very proud that DYC has widely used our content across all of the existing marketing channels from Instagram posts, to life-size prints on boatshows and everything in between. 

The following page would give you just a few examples of the @ourdays.de content used over the years to outlay the value created by our 17 destination packages, containing 950+ images and 60+ videos, provided to date. Our high resolution arial images combined with professionally edited, authentic boat life content from all over the world, has replaced the standard content, deriving from the boat manufacturers marketing, on a broad level across all DYC outlets in the last years. 

Social Media

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn

whether it’s Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn @ourdays.de content is featured so regularly that not a week goes by without a post on the numerous DYC accounts!


Email Marketing

Email marketing without @ourdays.de images or linked videos? … not happening! There are so many, that only a few, great examples can be shown here!

Print Outlets

Brochures, Magizines, Leaflets

Covershot of the official DYC Charter brochure, lots of images in the inside, DYC Owners Magazine etc. – @ourdays.de images, especially drone shots, have continuously been increasing quality of print outlets in the past years. Just check out the latest DYC Sales „fractional ownership“ brochure, where 6 out of 8 images were taken by us!



Cover Sliders, Destination Pages, Blog Entries, Special Purpose Pages (Sail Pass, Crewed Charter) etc. there is so much @ourdays.de content all across the DYC Website that it is too much to list. And the new, hopefully soon the be release, Website is supposed to feature even more!

Boat Shows

Miami, Paris, Anapolis, ...

Whether it’s Loic speaking to the audience at the Paris Boat Show in front of our images or the life size prints at the DYC booth’s around the world – @ourdays.de content has enriched the look of DYC presence to potential new boat owners or charter customers at numerous boat shows to date.

Online Press

DYC in the News

…of course @ourdays.de content is as well regularly provided to news outlets whenever reporting about DYC. Only a few examples we found on the internet are shown here.


COVID Marketing Campaign

Last but not least #DreamingFromHome. In 2020 when most of us were grounded at home due to the spread of Covid19, @ourdays.de provided 10 different destination sets over several weeks for the #DreamingFromHome campaign and above all was lucky enough to continue travelling all through the pandemic bringing home some sensational content e.g. from the Bahamas or St.Martin and the Barths!

Saying Goodbye...

or do you want us to stay?

With a smile in one eye and a tear in the other we will have to say goodbye the DYC Owners family in August 2023. We loved the opportunities the huge charter fleet around the globe gave us so much and cherish so many memories we have made with our friends and family whilst sailing with DYC. But we are also damn excited to take possession of our 40ft Catamaran in the Seychelles and start a new chapter there! From August 23 on we will be circumnavigating the world for 4 years. We plan to stay for around 9 month in the Seychelles before we will make our way down to the Cape of Good Hope.

For the time being, thanks for putting trust in us back in 2018 and we can only encourage you to do so again! … so let’s continue our fruitful partnership in the future, and have a look what we’d like to offer.


let's do this!

we hope to have sparked your interest. Feel free to contact us anytime, we are looking forward to your answer. Send us an email or give us a call. Thanks, Best wishes, Franz, Nadine & little Lion!